ROF Racing Florida

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Quest Air US Open We were all excited to get back in the air and do some racing with friends from around the world again. It was my first time at Quest air and also Florida for that matter. I’d … Continued

The Road

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And so it begins! As we pulled out of the Wills Wing car park late that night the truck was filled with an eerie presence. No one spoke a word. Overwhelming emotions were rushing through me excitement, anticipation, relief but … Continued

Gearing Up

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It was the first time either of us had been part of a project even remotely like this and we were about to find out what it takes to get a gig as such underway. People had told us it … Continued

Converging With The E

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26/04   We’ve been keeping a close eye on the weather the last few days here in California. Now that most of our trip prep is done we were debating whether to head up to Santa Barbara to do some coastal … Continued

Easter Throw Down

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The Rhythm Of Flight Project is nearing its kick-off date late this April and we’re happy to announce things are in full swing! We only have four days left on our crowd funding campaign and we need your support! Check it HERE. … Continued